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Environmental protection floating wave proof and moisture-proof HDPE breakwater pontoon (wave proof belt floating body)

The breakwater is composed of a single polygonal pontoon, blow molding production process, and the material is new HDPE (high density polyester ethylene). Its unique polygonal shape is not only beneficial to the attenuation of waves, but also greatly enhances the strength of the pontoon. HDPE adds anti UV agent in the production process, so that the service life of this product can reach more than 20 years even in harsh marine environment and direct sunlight.

Material: HDPE high density polyethylene shell, which can be filled with EPS foam or PU polyurethane foam

Logo: it can be customized according to drawings and samples

Specification: 770 * 770 * 280mm. If there are other specification requirements, it can also be customized by open mold blow molding

Weight: 7kg (± 3%)

Color: blue, orange, gray, black, red, etc. (color can be customized)

Characteristics and value:

Multipurpose: it can be widely used in various fields.

Economical: low maintenance costs.

Easy installation and disassembly: it can be installed and disassembled quickly and easily.

Strong resistance: anti ultraviolet, anti seawater, anti freezing, chemical agents, oil stains and other invasion.

Environmental protection: the raw material is HDPE (high density polyester ethylene), 100% recyclable.



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