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Introduction to pontoon

The concave convex structure is closely connected with the concave convex structure, and the buoyancy of the four sides is enhanced. The connecting force of the structure of the pontoon with four flat sides only depends on the connecting rod. When the structure is impacted by the wave, it is easy to slip back and forth, which is very likely to break from the ear and lack stability. Compared with it, our pontoon can withstand more than twice the shear force and has higher safety.

Color: Blue

Weight: 7.0 kg (± 3%)

Bearing capacity: 350 kg / m2

Material: high molecular polyethylene (HMW HDPE)

Color: blue, orange, gray black, customizable

Dimensions: l 50cm * W 50cm * h 40cm

Pontoon features:

Mobility variability

One connecting bolt can support four pontoons, which can be expanded, and can be changed as needed to form a floating platform on water of any size. There is no limit to the number of pontoons. Try to use your imagination.

Easy and fast assembly

It takes only two people an hour to assemble the 50 pontoons. The floating platform has a simple structure, and each pontoon is closely connected with a specific connecting bolt.

environment protection

The pontoon is made of high polymer high-density material, which has the characteristics of impact resistance, climate change resistance, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance and ultraviolet resistance. It is not eroded by seawater, chemicals, chemicals, oil stains and aquatic organisms, and has no pollution to the environment. So anywhere there is a floating platform, the water quality can still be kept clean.

Light, stable and safe

The safety performance of the product is very important. Our buoy has been strictly tested. It has strong stability, high bearing capacity and anti-skid surface design.


Almost no maintenance or repair is required. There is no need for frequent maintenance like wood structure and metal structure. It can save you a lot of time, money and manpower.



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