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Nantong Haimen COSCO heavy million tons of ocean shipping direct berthing pier

Jianghai linkage development to achieve new breakthroughs, the reporter learned from the Development Zone, COSCO heavy port opening work through the provincial inspection, marking the city along the Yangtze River in the first terminal opened, million tons of ocean shipping can be directly berthing.

According to reports, the new terminal is located in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River Nantong river sand Tonghai gate section, started in July 9, 2013, the construction scale of the quay, set 20 thousand ton and 10 thousand ton cargo berths, a pier, arranged along the 5000 ton cargo berths and 2000 ton cargo berths, a dock platform, 370 meters long, a bridge 25 meters wide, 638 meters long, width 18 meters, the annual design capacity of 2 million tons. According to the actual needs of the enterprise development, the project is divided into two phases, the first construction of the downstream berth.

October 19th to 20, the Jiangsu provincial port office on behalf of the provincial government to convene experts and leaders of the Jiangsu maritime bureau, Nanjing customs, Jiangsu Province Public Security Frontier Corps, Jiangsu inspection and Quarantine Bureau, the COSCO Nantong Heavy Industry Co. Ltd. open wharf work carried out acceptance, put open inspection facilities on-site inspection terminal, review of the relevant accounting information, listen to the construction of an open wharf report. Acceptance group agreed that COSCO Nantong heavy industry attaches great importance to open wharf, site facilities and conditions of supervision in accordance with the relevant provisions, and establish a management system of open wharf, meet the opening conditions, agreed to Nantong COSCO heavy port opening through acceptance.Liuhaiying Evaluation

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