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China Regal era, yachts and berths to become a new investment point

According to the 2010 Hurun wealth report statistics, China now has 140 Chinese billion and 1900 richest one billion billionaires, billionaires and up to 55 thousand people. The average age of more than 10 million yuan level Chinese mainland Regal is 39 years old, 15 years younger than abroad, and wealth growth faster. The recent launch of the gem in China. Upcoming spawned a large number of billionaire class rich, many of them young 80 or 90 people. It can be said that the rapid recovery of Chinese economy, the property market and the stock market soaring, the gem reforms such as these factors are China spawned another batch of Regal, Regal China The time has come!

With the development of economy and the wealth growth, domestic tycoons began to emulate western popular leisure, more close to the ocean. For them, the yacht is not only a simple consumer goods, the more important is that it represents a new concept, a kind of life, the pursuit of fun on a yacht. And you can enjoy the "facing the sea, spring pleasant mood, while the use of GPS mobile phone and notebook computer to talk with customers, but also can let your family and friends around you. This set of marine life, entertainment, sports, business in one of the concept of leisure greatly satisfy the rich class fine God needs to create a blend of man and nature, the elegant lifestyle. As successful people, they seek to switch between business and leisure

Richard Lee, Zhang Zhaoyang, John Deng and many other successful business people have their own favorite yacht, Oracle boss Allison owned a yacht as many as 7. According to the 2010 Chinese (Shanghai) the latest data from the international yacht exhibition, international yacht brands began to take the heat in China. Yacht consumption is not affected by the financial crisis, fair the buoyancy of the French brand Arnold, British Princess yacht, France Beneteau, the British brand which makes all the spoils, even holding the mentality of participating French custom water yacht brand Kua Shi also negotiated two orders in one fell swoop.



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