Mooring System


Using arm bracing system to fix modular floating dock, “eight” in Chinese is “八”, the two rigid struts in the “eight” shape are equal in length, and the two rigid struts are at an acute angle. Equidistant fixed lugs are preset on the side of the embankment and the side of the floating wharf, which are fixed by hinged connection of the fixed lugs with rigid braces. The floating dock is stable and the water level keeps the lifting balance


All pile guides are fabricated from Aluminum or steel & then galvanized. Low friction

UHMWPE rubbing blocks provide a hard-wearing surface that allows the pontoons to

slide on the piles. These are replaceable and can be supplied separately. The pile guides

are made to suit the diameter of the piles, both square & round are catered for. We can

also custom make guides to suit your existing system.


Usually, the pontoon along the shore is fixed by the (H steel) slide rail, which use the

expansion screws fixed on the concrete The sliding block is made of nylon rubber block

which has wear resistance. Automatically adjust the lifting balance of the pontoon

according to the water depth.


SEAFLEX is an elastic and environmentally friendly mooring solution for

any floating application such as docks/pontoons,floating wave attenu

ators and buoys. lt is unrivaled in its ability to keep it stable and secure

even in locations exposed to extreme weather conditions.


After selecting a suitable location to install the pontoon,rely on

anchor chains or anchor ropes to connect and tie the anchors. The

anchors are usually divided into concrete anchor blocks,triangle

anchors, etc., With the help of the anchor’s grip on the bottom of the

water, the resistance of the anchor chain and the bottomand the

gravity of the anchor chain, it can resist the external forces such as

wind and current, and maintain the positioningThe weight of the

anchor and the size of the anchor chain need to meet the require

ments of the specific environment.