Modular Pontoon


Anti skid design on its upper surface can ensure safety and stability, and its circular arc and obtuse angle shaped corners can avoid danger from cement, wood and steel facilities such as slip, puncture wound by broken sawdust, rusty nails.


Pontoon is made from High Molecular Weight HDPE,  with other additions such as antistatic additive, antioxidant, anti-UV to resist corrosion, frost, UV rays, oxygenation, chemical reactions and oil.

3.High load capacity

Load capacity of single layer :  325 kg /m2.

4.Maintenance free

Lifespan of pontoon is above 15 years without any maintenance or repair.

5.Environmentally friendly

Pontoon is 100% recyclable and environmental friendly.

6.Easy installing and dismantling

Simple, fast in installing, diverse in configuration, the shape can be changed to meet the requirements.

7.Complete equipments

Such as bollard, handrails,crashworthy ball, pile guide etc.
Hainan Ledong County
Heyuan Wanlu Lake