2、WPC Floor

Three characteristics of co-extruded wood flooring:

1, unique wood grain, true color 2, durable, comfortable and safe 3, super anti-pollution, ultra-low maintenance
The second generation of co-extruded wood (wood-plastic) floor is produced by the most advanced extrusion molding technology in the industry, and the surface of plastic wood is uniformly and firmly covered with co-extruded layer. The plastic wood floor produced by this new technology not only retains the advantages of mildew prevention, insect prevention and other physical properties of traditional plastic wood, but also has stronger wear resistance, scraping resistance, anti-fouling and weather resistance, and is more beautiful and durable.
The experimental data show that the wear resistance and scraping resistance of co-extruded plastic wood (wood-plastic) floor are more than five times higher than those of the first generation plastic wood, which can effectively prevent the damage caused by hard object grinding and scraping, and is especially suitable for crowded situations. In addition, the strong outer layer of the product can effectively resist the penetration of colored liquids and oily liquids, so that the surface of plastic wood is very easy to clean and new for a long time. This outer layer can improve the resistance of plastic wood floor to sunlight, rain and snow, acid rain and sea water, so that plastic wood has an ultra-long service life.